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Babolat Aeropro Drive GT is Nadal’s only weapon tomorrow at Roland Garros. In the tennis world, one question has been speculated since past Friday: Who will be crowned the King of Clay this year at the French Open? However, here at, the experts know one thing: with Babolat Aeropro Drive GT, there is no chance Djokovic will take the lead. He may have beaten Federer (somewhat luckily) in a straight set in the semi-final- but facing Nadal is a prospect that is sure to haunt him.

Rafael Nadal playing with his Babolat AeroPro Drive GT tennis racket

Rafael Nadal playing with his Babolat AeroPro Drive GT tennis racket

Anyone who is aware of the precision Babolat Aeropro Drive GT holds can vouch for Nadals clean win tomorrow. Recently introduced at, Pakistan only online sports retail shop, Babolat Aeropro Drive GT has quickly become the favorite of the pros. If you are looking online for tennis racquets in Pakistan, well you have arrived at the right place. Babolat Aeropro Drive GT lives up to its name, so it is indeed quite a treat for all tennis fanatics, even more so for those who are Rafa supporters. Its one thing watching him on screen playing his best and it is another holding the same racquet Rafa is going to play French Open in tomorrow.

Buying tennis racquets online in Pakistan could not get simpler in this. Sportshive.Pk offers supreme convenience to all its users who can literally get their wish granted in the comfort of their house. All you can have to do is click on your favorite sports equipment, choose what you like, and have it delivered on your doorstep! Now how’s that for convenience?

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Roger Federer

Tennis star Roger Federer plays with Wilson BLX ProStaff Six.One 90.


Roger Federer may have gone home empty handed from Roland Garros this year, but we cannot doubt the power former No.1 Tennis Champion in the World holds. It’s always true, even here in the case of sports champions: they always leave their legacy behind even though they might not be here anymore. Roger Federer knows his most trusted companion  Wilson BLX Pro Staff Six One 90 has never let him down. Nor can we deny how beautifully Novak was playing yesterday.

As one could see, it was not Rogers day at the French Open Semi-Final last night. However, the same cannot be said about Wilson BLX Pro Staff Six One 90. This one of a kind beauty has been specifically designed for supreme control and stability. We all know if Rafa is the King of Clay, then Roger has always been the King of backhand. Wilson BLX Pro Staff Six One 90 provides him just that and much more. The stability and the control offered by Wilson BLX Pro Staff Six One 90 is just apt for the Champions of Grand Slams. However, for all those sitting in Pakistan itching to hold it in their hands, the same racket the likes of Sampras, Edberg and Courier have held, the wait has been worth it!

Indeed,, Pakistan’s first online sports retail shop is pleased to announce to all those tennis lovers in Pakistan: Wilson BLX Pro Staff Six One 90 is now available at! The power, the grip, the swing and the maneuverability, tennis lovers, you are all in for a treat! Order one today at to relive the Champions legacy!

The King of tennis racquets has arrived in Pakistan and need I tell you to grab yours before we run out of stock?

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Babolat Tennis Rackets

Rafael Nadal chooses to play with Babolat.

With the French Open 2012 taking the attention of all Sports lovers all over the world, there is no shred of doubt how the same zeal can be found here in Pakistan as well. Young and old alike envision themselves holding these beauties that have been carried by the Champions of Tennis. However, the question remains regarding Babolat tennis racquets in Pakistan, where to start looking? However,  before you answer that question what you need to ask is: what or which tennis racket to pick? Once you head over a sports shop you are likely to encounter names that, to be honest, are not only incomprehensible verbally, but most of you are sure to stumble upon the wrong (or worse, a fake) brand.

For this reason, I advice you carry out a thorough research. After all, this investment is worth it. If you have recently acquired the love of tennis and tennis racket, I advice you pick up a shorter tennis racket that is specifically made to keep in mind the flexibility young or new players require. Apart from this, if you are searching for Babolat tennis racquets in Pakistan online, I advice you read the specs with great meticulousness. When it comes to online shopping, one is always apprehensive about investing in what they have not felt or isn’t tangibly present for them to try. At, each of our products in Babolat Tennis Racquets Pakistan category is chosen by the very masters of Tennis. Each product enlisted on Sportshive.Pk gives a profound overview of the product you are interested in buying.

However, if you still acquire further assistance, our customer staff can provide a thorough analysis for you, to help you pick a racket that is best for you! At the end of the day, what matters is that you choose yourself a companion that not just gives you the professional precision, but the stability and control that it offers is ever lasting.

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