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Babolat Aeropro Drive GT is Nadal’s only weapon tomorrow at Roland Garros. In the tennis world, one question has been speculated since past Friday: Who will be crowned the King of Clay this year at the French Open? However, here at, the experts know one thing: with Babolat Aeropro Drive GT, there is no chance Djokovic will take the lead. He may have beaten Federer (somewhat luckily) in a straight set in the semi-final- but facing Nadal is a prospect that is sure to haunt him.

Rafael Nadal playing with his Babolat AeroPro Drive GT tennis racket

Rafael Nadal playing with his Babolat AeroPro Drive GT tennis racket

Anyone who is aware of the precision Babolat Aeropro Drive GT holds can vouch for Nadals clean win tomorrow. Recently introduced at, Pakistan only online sports retail shop, Babolat Aeropro Drive GT has quickly become the favorite of the pros. If you are looking online for tennis racquets in Pakistan, well you have arrived at the right place. Babolat Aeropro Drive GT lives up to its name, so it is indeed quite a treat for all tennis fanatics, even more so for those who are Rafa supporters. Its one thing watching him on screen playing his best and it is another holding the same racquet Rafa is going to play French Open in tomorrow.

Buying tennis racquets online in Pakistan could not get simpler in this. Sportshive.Pk offers supreme convenience to all its users who can literally get their wish granted in the comfort of their house. All you can have to do is click on your favorite sports equipment, choose what you like, and have it delivered on your doorstep! Now how’s that for convenience?

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With the French Open right around the corner, the entire world is hooked to see who will be crowned the King of Clay this year. And then there are some of us (quite a lot I must say) who will be eyeing the Champions with scrutiny: their rackets, shoes, even bandanas are going to splash headlines. For those of you sitting in Pakistan, ogling at these beauties, I present a good (or might I add grand news): Indeed, now you can find Babolat rackets sold in Pakistan! What’s more, it can be done sitting at your home!

The favorite of Rafael Nadal – and many more they are truly one of a kind. Now you can find Babolat rackets in Pakistan with just a click! There is always that apprehension regarding buying sports brands in Pakistan, unsure whether they are authentic or not. Rest assured my friends, for Sportshive is the only authorized online retailer in Pakistan that brings to you the latest and the most riveting sports equipment you’d love to own! For those of you, who unsure where to start, our large catalog of Babolat Rackets Pakistan is not only limited to rackets but other sporting goods as well, so you are sure to get spoilt for choice!

From wristbands to backpacks, there is absolutely everything on Sportshive, which you can think of being synonyms with Babolat Rackets Pakistan. All die-hard Nadal fans and Roddick followers, I say enjoy this special treat: Babolat Rackets Pakistan is here for good so grab your favorite today and let us know which sports brand do you want to see in Pakistan next?

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